Congratulations to Mingzhe Yu




Our warmest congratulations to Mingzhe (Avery) Yu on winning the top-10 Conference Award at the 11th International Conference on Silicon Photovoltaics. This is a noteworthy award since this conference comprises over 150 scientific contributions from all around the world. Mingzhe is very thankful to the conference organisers, the reviewers who assessed her work, and the sponsor Ron Sinton from Sinton Instruments for granting her this excellent award.

Mingzhe’s work in this conference concentrated on extracting the Band-Tail Interface State Densities at Si-SiO2 interface. Although the Si-SiO2 system has been studied for more than five decades, her work shows how many new phenomena can still be extracted on this extremely important interface. Her main challenge in this work was that she found the key effects while working on a different project, so she knew very little about detection of interface state densities. She was thankful to the group and our collaborators for encouraging and helping her with this work so that she could produce this excellent piece of research. Her full work will be published as an invited special issue to Elsevier’s Journal of Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells later in the year.