• Special issue: Surface and interface passivation in crystalline silicon solar cells

    Bonilla, RS, Hoex, B, Wilshaw, PR
  • Charge Fluctuations at the Si-SiO2 Interface and its Effect on Surface Recombination in Solar Cells

    BONILLA OSORIO, RUY, Al-Dhahir, I, Mingzhe, Y, HAMER, P, Altermatt, PP
  • Origin of the tunable carrier selectivity of atomic-layer-deposited TiOx nanolayers in crystalline silicon solar cells

    Matsui, T, Bivour, M, Ndione, PF, Bonilla, RS, Hermle, M
  • Understanding and Optimising EBIC pn-Junction Characterisation from Modelling Insights

    BONILLA OSORIO, RUY, Ruinan, Z, Yu, M, Twedde, D, HAMER, P, Chen, D, Hallam, B, Ciesla, A, Altermatt, P, WILSHAW, P
  • Exceptional Surface Passivation Arising from Bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)-Based Solutions

    Pointon, AI, Grant, NE, Bonilla, RS, Wheeler-Jones, EC, Walker, M, Wilshaw, PR, Dancer, CEJ, Murphy, JD
  • Scalable Techniques for Producing Field-Effect Passivation in High-Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells

    Collett, KA, Du, S, Bourret-Sicotte, G, Luo, Z, Hamer, P, Hallam, B, Bonilla, RS, Wilshaw, PR
  • Graphene oxide films for field effect surface passivation of silicon for solar cells

    Vaqueiro-Contreras, M, Bartlam, C, Bonilla, RS, Markevich, VP, Halsall, MP, Vijayaraghavan, A, Peaker, AR
  • Hydrogen Related Defects in Float Zone Silicon Investigated Using a Shielded Hydrogen Plasma

    Bourret-Sicotte, G, Hamer, PG, Tweddle, D, Bonilla, RS, Wilshaw, PR, IEEE
  • Taking monocrystalline silicon to the ultimate lifetime limit

    Niewelt, T, Richter, A, Kho, TC, Grant, NE, Bonilla, RS, Steinhauser, B, Polzin, J-I, Feldmann, F, Hermle, M, Murphy, JD, Phang, SP, Kwapil, W
    et al
  • Hydrogen induced contact resistance in PERC solar cells

    Hamer, P, Chan, C, Bonilla, RS, Hallam, B, Bourret-Sicotte, G, Collett, KA, Wenham, S, Wilshaw, PR
  • Controlling surface carrier density via a PEDOT:PSS gate: An application to the study of silicon-dielectric interface recombination

    Bonilla Osorio, RS
  • Atom probe Tomography of fast-diffusing impurities and the effect of gettering in multicrystalline silicon

    Tweddle, D, Shaw, EC, Douglas, JO, Bonilla, RS, Moody, MP, Hamer, P, Wilshaw, PR
  • Effect of Carrier-Induced Hydrogenation on the Passivation of the poly-Si/SiOx/c-Si Interface

    Yang, Y, Altermatt, PP, Cui, Y, Hu, Y, Chen, D, Chen, L, Xu, G, Zhang, X, Chen, Y, Hamer, P, Bonilla, RS, Feng, Z
    et al
  • Hydrogen Related Defects in Float Zone Silicon Investigated Using a Shielded Hydrogen Plasma

    Bourret-Sicotte, G, Hamer, PG, Tweddle, D, Bonilla, RS, Wilshaw, PR
  • Modelling of hydrogen transport in silicon solar cell structures under equilibrium conditions

    Hamer, P, Hallam, B, Bonilla, RS, Altermatt, PP, Wilshaw, P, Wenham, S
  • Potassium ions in SiO2: electrets for silicon surface passivation

    Bonilla, RS, Wilshaw, PR
  • The Behavior and Transport of Hydrogen in Silicon Solar Cells Observed through Changes in Contact Resistance

    Hamer, P, Li, H, Chan, C, Sen, C, Bonilla, RS, Wilshaw, P, IEEE
  • An enhanced alneal process to produce SRV

    Collett, KA, Bonilla, RS, Hamer, P, Bourret-Sicotte, G, Lobo, R, Kho, T, Wilshaw, PR
  • Effective Antireflection and Surface Passivation of Silicon Using a SiO2/a-TiOx Film Stack

    Bonilla, RS, Davis, KO, Schneller, EJ, Schoenfeld, WV, Wilshaw, PR
  • Method of Extracting Solar Cell Parameters From Derivatives of Dark I-V Curves

    Hallam, BJ, Hamer, PG, Bonilla, RS, Wenham, SR, Wilshaw, PR
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