Group attends the 14th Silicon PV Conference, Chambery, France


SiliconPV 2024, hosted by CEA-INES in Chambéry, France from April 15-19, is the 14th edition of a premier conference focused on advancements in crystalline silicon technologies for solar electricity. The event integrates the SiliconPV conference and the nPV and bifiPV workshops, offering a deep dive into the latest developments and future trends in photovoltaics.

The main conference from April 15-17 will cover a wide range of topics related to silicon photovoltaics, emphasizing its leadership in solar technology. It will explore the ongoing improvements in single-junction silicon cells and modules, where recent breakthroughs have pushed efficiencies closer to theoretical limits, and innovative approaches are being developed for further advancements.

The conference boasts a robust lineup of topics and leaders from the field. Scientific discussions will address sustainability, life cycle assessments, advanced manufacturing, and emerging technologies, including tandem cells combining silicon with perovskites or III-V materials. There's a particular emphasis on enhancing the performance and sustainability of solar modules, preparing for terawatt-scale deployment, and addressing manufacturing challenges.

At the conference we presented:

Characterisation of Solar Cell Passivating Contacts using Time-of- Flight Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis Oral Matthew Wright
Charged-Up Solar Cells: The Role of Interface Electric Fields in Silicon Photovoltaic Technology Poster Sebastian Bonilla, Winner of the Si PV conference poster prize.

See below some memories of our time in Chambery:

Silicon PV, 2024, Chambery