John attends Graphene 2022 conference in Aachen, Germany

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2nd year PhD student, John O’Sullivan, recently attended Graphene 2022, the 12th edition of the Graphene conference series in Aachen, Germany. This conference series is the largest graphene and 2D materials conference and exhibition in Europe, bringing together researchers from around the world to share highlights from their work. This was a great opportunity to present the group’s new work in 2D materials to a wider audience.

John presented a poster entitled “Electrostatic Field-Effect Doping of Graphene Using Ion-Charged Dielectrics”, showcasing recent results from his PhD. In his poster, John described how he manipulated the electrical properties of graphene using a corona-charged dielectric membrane. He also attended several captivating talks, including plenary sessions from Professor Andre Geim on graphene proton exchange membranes, and Professor Pablo Jarillo-Herrero on “magic-angle” twisted bilayer graphene.

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